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A professional photographer will periodically visit your team and you will receive the following photographs for both days;

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Your car in absurd detail, parked in the paddock or garage or hot side.

MANY different 'go fast' pics of your car on course, from the side with the background blurred because of furocious SPEED in multiple locations on course.

• Pictures of your car on course from the front - battling it out with other cars.

A picture of your spot in the pit lineup prior to race start, with surrounding cars in your field.

 Various candid shots of your drivers and crew hard at work, or otherwise if they dont work hard.

A team picture.

In addition, you will receive very high resolution photos of some of the general goings on such as; driver meeting (if theyre live yet), track sign, winners circle, anything non-team specific but generally notable thats captured throughout the weekend. 

You'll receive two sets of the photos; one set social media friendly, the other - high resolution print friendly. 

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